“Prevent Colon Cancer … Get Screened” Vehicle Tag

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 A new specialty car tag will help encourage Mississippians to prevent colon cancer by getting screened. However, before these new license plates can be produced in January 2016, our organization must collect at least 300 pre-orders and deliver all documentation to the Mississippi Department of Revenue by October 15, 2015.

If you would like to support the 70x2020 Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative, you can either place an order electronically (using your credit card), or print an order form and mail it (along with a check) to the UMMC Office of Development. Click here for mail-in application.

Colorectal Cancer Screening Car Tag Registration

Applicants should pick up their tag as soon as they are notified that their tag is available at the tax collector's office. 60 days are allowed from the time the organization is notified by the Department for the vehicle owner to pick up the license plate. If applicant chooses to wait to pick up tag, the special tag fee must be paid again at the time the special tag is picked up.

“My Story” Samuel C. Pace, M.D.

Mississippi Gastroenterology Society: colorectal cancer awareness 2015

80% by 2018 — National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable


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